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About Amki – The Brand

Amki is a brand that resonates rich Indian culture, combined with contemporary western

influences. With original designs, the British born sisters set out to achieve a balance

between their traditional heritage and contemporary fashion. Amki is designed in the U.K

and Canada, made with quality by Indian craftsmanship, expressing the perfect blend of

contemporary and traditional silhouettes with intricate detailing.

How It Began

The sisters studied design and fashion at University & College, it is here where they

discovered their passion for textiles; experimenting with fabrics, colour and contemporary

designs. Their first real transition into fashion started on their trip to India one summer,

whilst wedding shopping;

“We travelled to India in search of a bridal outfit (for Amani), but felt as if something was

missing in the market. From all the shops we visited from places like Punjab and Rajasthan, we found nothing represented us as women growing up with western and traditional influences. It is here we decided to design the lehenga (traditional garment) instead, and our first experimentation in Indian fashion first began! This is when the journey of the brand really took its first breaths and came to life”.

The Name

The brand’s name is taken from the first two letters of each designer’s name, Amani & Kiren

which forms Amki.

“We wanted the brand to represent us both, growing up as sisters we would always share

each others things and the brand is no different. We design and manage the brand together,

so we thought what better way than merging both of our names in the brand’s logo”.

The Amki Woman

The woman who wears Amki is in line with modern trends. She wants to be different and

stand out from the crowd on any occasion. She represents confidence, style and is a brand-

conscious woman.

“Our brand caters to the 20 to 40 modern aged woman. We want our customers to feel as if

they are fashion forward when wearing an Amki lehenga whilst feeling in awe of the

exquisite Indian craftsmanship and detail that goes into each and every experimental


Signature Aesthetic

Amani and Kiren describe their brand as; influential, contemporary and luxurious.

Their signature aesthetic of traditional-meets-modern, compliments their vision for the

brand. Their collection takes inspiration from their experiences and interests within both

the western and eastern cultures, they have grown up in.

This gives them the edge by being different from the rest of the market, and innovative as

British Indian designers.

Each collection creates a juxtaposition of colours, themes and embellishment, so every

design is different to the next, but still correlates to form a collection of lehengas.

“Our brand’s design philosophy is to be different from the rest and create outfits that

represent this, that is why our signature aesthetic is to stand out from the rest”.

Way Forward

As a relatively new brand, Amki is still finding its feet within the market:

“The pandemic created some obstacles for us this past year. With being a ‘made to order

brand’, the uncertainty with events going forward caused some concern for a slow fashion

brand like ours. Even so, the response to our designs has been amazing, which has enabled

us to branch out to customers worldwide”.

An online brand with global access, the label aims to launch flagship stores in the U.K, India

and Canada.

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